Disaster Relief

‚ÄčOur emergency response catering service options are designed to meet your needs. We are a mobile disaster food service company in the US and, based on availability we can help you in any emergency situation. Since 1993 we have been involved in over 100 natural disaster relief efforts nation wide, including Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New York, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and many other states.  We have performed relief efforts for disasters such as tornados, ice storms, hurricanes, flash floods & even pandemics.

  • Emergency Catering Response Time is Immediate
  • Packed and on the road on average 5 hours of initial phone call
  • Each kitchen can serve 3 full service meals daily
  • Healthy options are available for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Fully Self-Contained Mobile Kitchens
  • Sheltered Dining Area available
  • Potable water storage Gray water storage
  • Drink & Hand-wash Stations available
  • Pre-arranged contracts formulated to fit your needs
  • Trash removal
  • All beverages needs
  • Snack options available
  • On-site setup of tents, tables, chairs & flooring
  • Ice available
  • Refrigerated, dry & freezer trailers=
  • HVAC needs